About Me

I am part-time Marketing and E-Commerce Consultant, MomsCanCo. coding student and joyful full-time Mama of a spirited toddler. Informed by over seven years experience working with airlines, and degrees in science and business, I am a small-business “Swiss-Army" knife with skills in branding, web design, integrated marketing communications, Public Relations and more. I have worked with domestic and international teams to successfully manage multiple website redesign and e-commerce implementations and developed practical, budget-friendly strategies to help bring small and mid-sized airline networks into the modern age. I champion a data-driven, authentic and holistic approach to business communications.

Constant curiosity drives me to dig laughably deep into research at times. A lover of learning, I am passionate about travel, tech, biological sciences (especially neuroscience), food, art and motherhood. I am currently focused on becoming a front-end junior developer and raising my son, but I continue to offer a limited amount of marketing consulting through PaxIQ. This transition has been driven by my desire to expand on my digital marketing experience with new skills, long-term goals to work remotely full-time and travel with my family, and an interest in emerging technology.

I love travel-hacking and has been to over 25 countries and counting, with a special place in my heart for France, where I married my husband in 2015. I have big dreams to become a full-stack developer and use my skills to be a force for good in the world.

Claire at Stonehenge

Skills + Experience

My experience ranges from coding as a junior developer to high-level strategic planning as a director, and I can take digital projects big and small from concept to completion. Some of my most relevant skills and experience include:




Marketing Communications

Strategic Planning

Creative + Content


Website Design + Development

Project Management


Adobe Illustrator + Photoshop


My Work

Don't just take my word for it - see what I can do. The gallery below showcases a sample of my skills and completed projects, from using HTML and CSS to code a web page to planning a total company website overhaul from start to finish. If you have questions about my work samples, feel free to give me a shout.

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